Illuminati Identified!

Rothschild Zionists

Shalom Brothers and Sisters!


The “Illuminati” in its present form was created as the brainchild of the Rothschild Zionists. Adam Weishaupt was Jewish, “converted” into the Jesuit Order at the behest of the Rothschild Money Power. Rothschild was also a prominent Jewish family as you know. So the main thing that all these “researchers” leave out is the true beginnings of the Illuminati, and Communism, etc… SURPRISE! Recently the London Economist ran a stunning article on some of the most powerful secret societies in modern times and they listed the most powerful and most secret of all as the Illuminati!!

Presently the Illuminati has infiltrated all major religions and organizations. Unless one really sees the total picture of how they relate to the Protocols and their True origins, they will fail miserably at a total understanding of this…thus all the flak at even the smallest hint that they are of Rabbinical/Jewish origin. –BeWise



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