The Book of Jude


Understanding The Book of Jude

Purpose: A reminder to the church to be consistently strong in the faith and oppose diligently heresy in the face of diluted Christian doctrine.

Jude’s writing is against godless teachers with the desire, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to encourage and motivate all Christians to recognize the dangers of false teachings to protect themselves and other believers who have been deceived and bring them back into the truth. This letter from Jude is a warning to believers to avoid living a nominal Christian life with the false thinking that there is no fear to live as one pleases without God’s punishment.

False teachers and leaders along with those who follow them while rejecting Christ’s lordship, working to undermine others’ faith, and lead them astray will be punished.

Therefore, If you are a believer, it is a duty to staunchly defend Christian truth, avoid those who for their own purpose distort the Bible and truth of God. Believers should be genuine and sincere servants of Almighty God portraying the Lord Yashiya Christ in words and conduct.

Regarding Apostasy: Jude is warning Christians. Apostasy is the turning of one away from Christ to false teachings. Be careful not to stray from faithful commitment to Christ. God will punish rebellion against Him.

Therefore, Do not allow yourself to be distracted from the truth as preached in the Bible by the apostles who wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. One is susceptible to apostasy who does not seek to know the truth in God’s Word. Beware of false doctrines.

Authorship: Jude, brother of Yashiya and James

– Jude identifies himself in Verse 1 as James’ brother. In the New Testament, there are another four men by the name of James; however, most likely Jude is referring to the half brother of Yashiya as recorded in Matthew 13:55; Galatians 1:19. Being so, James and Jude grew up with Yashiya (Matthew 13:55; Mark 6:3). We must not confuse our author, Jude, with those bearing the same name. [Mark 3:19; Luke 3:30; Luke 6:15 (“the brother of” should read “the son of”); Acts 5:37; Acts 9:11; Acts 15:22-32.] – Jude, like others in Yashiya’ immediate family, had a negative response to Yashiya’ ministry in His earthly days (John 7:5). 1 Corinthians 9:5 reveals Jude may have been one of His brothers who ministry was preaching. Jude was a renowned Hebrew Christian leader in Jerusalem who wrote with authority and assurance that his readers would listen carefully.

To Whom Written: Hebrew Christians and all believers throughout the world. Many believers were being mislead after being infiltrated (“crept in unawares”) with false teachers of their day. Those false teachers were peddling messages of immorality (moral laxity), self-destructive pride, divisiveness, and theological error.

Date written: Approximately 65 AD – Scholars have dated Jude from 40 AD to 140 AD; however, if indeed he was Yashiya’ half brother he would have written this book well before the first century’s end.
Setting: From the first century and continuing through our days, the church has been and is being threatened by false teachings and heresies opposing God’s Word – always be diligently on guard.

Key verse: Verse 3
Key people: Jude, James, Yashiya
Keep in mind while reading:
v3 Christians are to contend for the faith
vv 4-19 reject all ungodly falsehoods and immorality
vv 5-11, 14-16 remember the mighty acts of God’s rescue and punishment
vv 17-19 warnings of the apostles
vv 20 build our own faith with prayer and reading scriptures
vv 21 continue drawing closer to Christ
vv 22, 23 help others
vv 23 hate sin
vv 24-25 Jude’s conclusion and praise to God with his glorious benediction
[Salutation – vv 1-2]

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