Concerning the Sabbath to observe it according to its law


No man shall work on the sixth day from the moment when the sun’s orb is distant by its own fullness from the gate (wherein it sinks) (FRIDAY sun down to SATURDAY sun down); for this is what He said, Observe the Sabbath day to keep it holy (Deut. v, 12).

No man shall speak any vain or idle word on the Sabbath day. He shall make no loan to his companion. He shall make no decision in matters of money and gain. He shall say nothing about work or labour to be done on the morrow.

No man shall walk in the field to do business on the Sabbath. He shall not walk more than one thousand cubits beyond his town.

No man shall eat on the Sabbath day except that which is already prepared. He shall eat nothing lying in the fields. He shall not drink except in the camp. XI If he is on a journey and goes down to bathe, he shall drink where he stands, but he shall not draw water into a vessel. He shall send out no stranger on his business on the Sabbath day.

No man shall wear soiled garments, or garments brought to the store, unless they have been washed with water or rubbed with incense.

No man shall willingly mingle (with others) on the Sabbath.

No man shall walk more than two thousand cubits after a beast to pasture it outside his town. He shall not raise his hand to strike it with his fist. If it is stubborn he shall not take it out of his house.

No man shall take anything out of the house or bring anything in. And if he is in a booth, let him neither take anything out nor bring anything in. He shall not open a sealed vessel on the Sabbath.

No man shall carry perfumes on himself whilst going and coming on the Sabbath. He shall lift neither stone nor dust in his dwelling.

No man minding a child shall carry it whilst going and coming on the Sabbath.

No man shall chide his manservant or maidservant or labourer on the Sabbath. No man shall assist a beast to give birth on the Sabbath day. And if it should fall into a cistern or pit, he shall not lift it out on the Sabbath.

No man shall spend the Sabbath in a place near to Gentiles on the Sabbath.

No man shall profane the Sabbath for the sake of riches or gain on the Sabbath day. But should any man fall into water or (fire), let him not be pulled out with the aid of a ladder or rope or (some such) utensil.

No man on the Sabbath shall offer anything on the altar except the Sabbath burnt-offering; for it is written thus: Except your Sabbath offerings (Lev. xxiii, 38).

No man shall send to the altar any burnt-offering, or cereal offering, or incense, or wood, by the hand of one smitten with any uncleanness, permitting him thus to defile the altar. For it is written, The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination, but the prayer of the just is as an agreeable offering (Prov. xv, 8).

No man entering the house of worship shall come unclean and in need of washing. And at the sounding of the trumpets for assembly, he shall go there before or after (the meeting), and shall not cause the whole service to stop, XII for it is a holy service.

No man shall lie with a woman in the city of the Sanctuary, to defile the city of the Sanctuary with their uncleanness.

Every man who preaches apostasy under the dominion of the spirits of Belial shall be judged according to the law relating to those possessed by a ghost or familiar spirit (Lev. xx, 27). But no man who strays so as to profane the Sabbath and the feasts shall be put to death; it shall fall to men to keep him in custody. And if he is healed of his error, they shall keep him in custody for seven years and he shall afterwards approach the Assembly.

No man shall stretch out his hand to shed the blood of a Gentile for the sake of riches and gain. Nor shall he carry off anything of theirs, lest they blaspheme, unless so advised by the company of Israel.

No man shall sell clean beasts or birds to the Gentiles lest they offer them in sacrifice. He shall refuse, with all his power, to sell them anything from his granary or wine-press, and he shall not sell them his manservant or maidservant inasmuch as they have been brought by him into the Covenant of Abraham.

No man shall defile himself by eating any live creature or creeping thing, from the larvae of bees to all creatures which creep in water. They shall eat no fish unless split alive and their blood poured out. And as for locusts, according to their various kinds they shall plunge them alive into fire or water, for this is what their nature requires.

All wood and stones and dust defiled by the impurity of a man shall be reckoned like men having defilement of oil on them; whoever touches them shall be defiled by their defilement. And every nail or peg in the wall of a house in which a dead man lies shall become unclean as any working tool becomes unclean (Lev. xi, 32).

The Rule for the assembly of the towns of Israel shall be according to these precepts that they may distinguish between unclean and clean, and discriminate between the holy and the profane.

And these are the precepts in which the Master shall walk in his commerce with all the living in accordance with the statute proper to every age. And in accordance with this statute shall the seed of Israel walk and they shall not be cursed.

7 Responses to Concerning the Sabbath to observe it according to its law

  1. M Krusch says:

    I am a Caucasian male. I have been trying to live under Ahayah’s Laws, statues, and commandments. I have a few serious questions, as I am a bit confused:

    I have been keeping the Sabbath, with my Fiance (she is an African-American/lost Israelite).
    We have been resting Friday(the 6th day’s) night until Saturday(the 7th day’s) night (when the sun goes down).

    Is the “Sabbath” for Gentiles and Israelites? Was this supposed to be followed by all men/women? From what I believe, I consider myself a Gentile because I am white. This is what confuses me:

    “No man shall spend the Sabbath in a place near to Gentiles on the Sabbath”

    From reading this it would make it seem like either:

    a. Gentiles cannot observe the Sabbath (only Israelites can?)
    b. Israelites cannot spend the Sabbath with Gentiles?(so my fiance that I live with cannot spend the Sabbath with me?)
    c.We(My fiance and I) cannot spend the Sabbath with other Gentiles(non-believers).

    please help answer this for me as I am trying to learn, and I know that I can only learn through an Israelite, for I know that the gospel was made for Israelites to be a light unto the lost sheep(Israelites) frst, and second, unto the Gentile nations.

    From what I understand and have researched, Gentiles can receive salvation, but they must realize whom Israel really is, they cannot Boast, and they must Fear Ahayah and follow his laws/statues/commandments.

    1 last question: Is it wrong nowadays, for me to marry an African American(Israelite)? Is interracial marriage wrong and will I go to hell for loving a dark-skinned woman? We have been engaged for about 3 years now and we love each other very much. I have been trying to find the truth about this manner for a while. It is very heart-wrenching to think that Ahayah would not love me because I fell in love with an African-American.

    • Shalam! It’s great to know that you are following Ahayah and keeping his Sabbaths. Yes, there is salvation for the Gentiles too, just follow the truth of Ahayah’s Words and teachings from the true Israelites.

      No it is not wrong for you to marry an Israelite woman. I’m sure the Most High sees and knows your heart. Just continue to seek the truth and follow Ahayah and you will be save in the end times.

  2. Shalawam. To my understanding, the Nation of Yasharaala is not to marry any other nations. This includes the Gentiles: Hamites and Edomites.

  3. Tedina Allen says:

    I am confused by the book of Romans of law vs. grace. According to Romans, no day is esteemed higher than another and our food is called clean. I choose to eat a levitical diet and be as organic and non GMO as possible, but does the eating of clean/non-clean levitical animals still apply, with the book addressed to the church in Rome?

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