Welcome To Ahayah Yashiya – Israelites Unite!

We'll Soon See Zion

Deuteronomy – 6:4 Hear O Israel The Most High thy Power is One.

(Shamai Yasharahla Ahayah Ahlahayahnawa Ahayah Ahchaad)

Shalam and Blessings Brothers and Sisters! I’m a daughter of the Most High Ahayah!

I’m not affiliated with any religions, groups, camps or organizations. Unfortunately, in many churches the Old Testament is not being preached any more. That is a shame. The Bible is One Book. They have forgotten that the Church in the 1st Century AD had only the Old Testament and they preached the Messiah from the Old Testament.

That is what I plan to do on this Blog, to teach the TRUTH to all my Hebrew Israelites Brothers and especially to all my Sisters and Children, like a MOTHER would teach her Child/Children. I have researched and studied for the truth, using the 1611 King James Bible, Strong’s Expanded Concordance and multiple of Historical Books. Also I’ve studied the Greek and Hebrew languages and writings and I believe that I’ve found the TRUTH, which has been hidden from our forefathers. Even though you may receive your foundation from a group, camp or organization, with all due respect, there is no group, camp or organization that anyone can join, everyone must seek the truth on their own. I hope my findings will help those who are sincerely searching for the truth. All Praises to the Most High Ahayah Bahasham Yashiya Wa Rawach!


All Praises to the Most High Ahayah Bahasham Yashiya Wa Rawach!

91 Responses to Welcome To Ahayah Yashiya – Israelites Unite!

  1. Kim Augustin says:

    Thank you.I am overwhelmed yet free and have sight, May The Most High forgive me. Now I know His Holy Name. I will practice saying it until I say His Name correctly and fluently. Shalom.

    • You’re welcome, all Praises be to the Most High Ahayah, may he Bless you and yours.

    • nujas77 says:

      How did you find out your birth place was in Guyana?
      Love your sight!!

    • thanks a lot for the name “AHAYAH”. before I proceed, i would like to introduce my self. my name is Ifeanyichukwu from Nigeria from Hebrew that is incorrectly spelt Heeboe and later Ebo, now ibo and Igbo. we can identify some of the feasts( shabbats, succots passovers, eight days of circumcision, separation of women during mensuration etc) in our place we were doing before the Bible came to our land during white men slavery. which they took many of our people to America, Britain and so many other places of the world. I have been making researches because my grandmother and my mother told that we came from Israel that their forefathers did wrong to CHINEKE i.e God the creator and he chased us away from our land and we found ourselves to the land of Africa today. 2kings 17. coming to the name Eheye Asher Eheye. Ahayah is our language here in Africa which means His name. That is why I keep on saying that if this Jewish people occupying our land can produce the original Hebrew scriptures you will find out that it was our language Moses and others spoke during their time. I have proves to back up my argument. I strongly believed that what they speaking in the state of Israel today is not the original Hebrew language. For eg, in the Jerusalem Bible, 2kinbgs. 25:25 says Yismael the son of Netanya the son of Elishama. now the name “Netanya” is an Igbo name that means “look” while Elishama means “eat”. 2samuel 19:37(KJV) Chimham stated there is Igbo language it means “let my God leave me”. in our land every child must have Chi in his or name identifying our identity. such as Chinedu, Chiukwuebuka, Chikamji, Chiukwusimdiri etc. Chiukwu means the Most High God. then Araunah found in 2Samuel 24:16 means the exit of madness. Azariah found in 1kings 4:2 means he is answered. Ahiah found in the vs 16 means market. Uri found in 1Kings 4:19 means a person’s name and a place in Anambra State in our land. Ahaziah means arranging, Azubah means telling stories while Asa means pretty or beautiful all found in 1Kings 22:39-43. Now this name “Naaman” found 2Kings 5:11 means our earthly father as in Nnamani. Again, John the Baptist was from Abia(Lk. 1:5) and Abia is in our place as a state. Zara found in Mat. 1:7 is our name and it means response, reply or answer. and Azor found in vs 13 means dragging. Zakariah as in Zachariah in 2Kings 14:29 means answer or respond or reply too much. Ishi and Ezar found in 1Chron. 2: 31&38 are places in Ebonyi state in our land. Naarah found in 1Chron. 4:5-6 is a a place in Enugu state in our place. Harum as in Arum found in 1Chron. 4:8 means my body, igbo name. One interesting thing here is that a priest named Ithamar in 1Chron. 6:13 is equally a priest in my own village. Anybody acting as that priest must bear the name Atama and it is hereditary. I am glad we are identifying our selves globally and I urged Ahayah to please forgive our forefathers and return us from our captivities to our land because we are suffering here. I equally want to use this opportunity to ask for your brothers to pray to Ahayah to help us gain our freedom from Islamic marginalization because we are fighting for our country called Biafra. the children of Israel in Nigeria. thanks.

      • Shalam! All Praises be to Ahayah Bahasham Yashiya.

      • Jouke Elsinga says:

        Dear Ugwu Kingsley Ifeanyi Nnamenwo,

        It is great to find people of the Igbo tribe on the internet.
        ‘…the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people.’ Jude 1:3 came to us via people like you. We can never thank you enough for that heritage. I have a YouTube channel called: ‘The Pure Gospel on the Flat Earth’. We did one video on who the real Israelites are. If you like it, we could get in touch (actually I, Jouke make the content, by the grace of the most High and His son Yashiya). So please sent me a message on Facebook, or YouTube.

        With kind regards,

        Jouke Elsinga

      • sirrocksalot says:

        So that means that Netanyahu, or the name of the character in Israel, known as benjamin netanyahu, was contrived from this, right? Therefore, the identity of this character is simply made up, right? That would also mean that this guy, as well as the entire so-called government of Israel, has been composed by, what are, fake jews? Yes, or no?

      • Shalam!

        They are all FAKE Jews who stole the REAL Israelites identity and portraying themselves as jeWISH, wishing to be the REAL people of the land.

      • Ashur Solognier says:

        Hi Ifeanyichukwu, let my introduce myself first. My name is Ashur. My fore fathers were brought on a slave ship to a small island in the Caribbean. I read what you wrote and I am very very amazed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing. All praise to the MOST HIGH – AHAYAH. Thank you. Have my best regards. Ashur.

      • Shalam!

        All Praises be to the Most High Ahayah.

    • Tedina Allen says:

      I have been so freaked out by what I have learned. To discover that my “white” skin and blue eyes may contain the line of Gad and how we have been deceived, has broken my heart. I do understand One Most High and want to be baptized in that name. I am sharing with my daughter and mother. My daughter is beginning to listen and we are mortified that we were baptized in the wrong name. Can someone please help us. I did also read some scripture and on-line things, and I am currently studying Ezekial. An associate shared this with me, yet I believe he is being pulled into a church that is baptizing Trinitarian, just in Hebrew words. I am seeking the truth for myself and my family. My email is tedinaallen@hotmail.com

    • azaryah ysrahal says:


  2. Angela Aiken says:

    Where can I get started in my study of the Hebrew Israelite community?

  3. What is the truth about the virgin birth?

  4. Hi AhaYah Yashiya, I question myself off. We live next to your ENGLISH GUYANA. You know that too. Surinamese people are also black people and our ancestors slaverny by Dutch master trade. What is our tribes of Israel? We are also Judah???

  5. Shalam, what is names of some book I can pick up or try to find for i can read and do research myself


  7. M Krusch says:

    What is your opinion of the GOCC? I have heard that they are teaching some lies and are being controlled by the CIA. Their speakers are constantly holding up masonic hand signals while speaking on youtube videos.

    • Shalam! I’m not affiliated with this group. It’s just myself and my husband spreading the Ahayah’s truth to wake our brothers and sisters up to what’s happening. We do not follow man, only Ahayah’s WORDS. I feel that everyone is accountable for their own actions.

      • Micah Krusch says:

        Ever since I found the truth, there is no more speculation on anything. So many videos were put out on youtube of Israelite camps to attack our church “the gathering of christ church” I was once decieved and scared away from the truth because like everyone else, I once associated the GOCC with the other Israelite camps, but I have found that this is not true. We at the GOCC are a CHURCH and we are teaching Christ’s true gospel. I asked you to take down this comment, as I had posted it when I was still confused. You are are willingly spreading false information by leaving it up and I do not appreciate that.

      • Shalam! What comment are you referring to? I assure you that I am not spreading false information.

      • M Krusch says:

        Hey just wanted you to remove my original comment where I was still confused about who the gocc were (it was before I was in the truth).Don’t want it to scare people away from gocc, Thanks.

      • Shalam!

        Ok, I will have to search for it to remove it.

  8. Shalom sis,
    Thank you for your tremendous work to wake up brothers and sisters who were under joke. I enjoy your website and constantly on it.
    All Praises be to the Most High.
    So far I have a question what does Bahasham Yashiya Wa Rawach stand?

  9. Shalom my dear sister, I live in Canada and just like that I’ve fallen on your website I am not sure it was by accidently as there is no accident for the Most High everything happens for a reason.
    since then, I decided to share it in order to open the eyes of my brothers and sisters but they’re still sleeping and argue with me, then I give up with them and follow the truth.
    Thank you my dear sister for your priceless work.

  10. Please keep me posted of every new post and comment

  11. Hello, my name is Chinedu from Igbo tribe in Nigeria. I want to verify if Igbos are truely one of the lost tribes of Israel because most of our customs are similar to the Israelite’ like the celebration of yom kippur, passover, e.t.c which is though going into extinsion. only few of us now celebrate and keep these customs. i beg of you to bring in your people to the south eastern part of nigeria to reeducate them on their real culture and religion as many of them are now moving to sunday worship.

  12. prophecynewsandviews says:

    Thank you I appreciate this blog

  13. Baruj Torah says:

    Hi sister, I’m interested in what you’r sharing even when it defies some of my concepts. We must seek the Truth wherever it is and the Holy Name of our Creator is a real primary topic. I’d like to ask you about something I heard regarding we Spanish might be direct descendants of the tribe of Benjmin as well as Shaul the shaliaj was as well. Is there any truth in that?? Thank you for your answer in advance, bless.

    • Shalam! The 12 Tribes of Hebrew Israelites are scattered across the four corners of the earth and it’s by blood line. You will have to check into your where your original forefathers are originated from and start from there. Please see below:

      So called:
      Dominicans are from Simeon.

      Guatemalans/Panamanians are from Zebulon.

      Mexicans are from Issachar.

      Columbians/Argentineans are from Asher.

      Puerto Ricans are from Ephraim.

      Cubans are from Manasseh.

  14. I’m new to this and have looked over the paleo hebrew alphabet. Although I’m interested in learning, I have to ask, what proof is there that it’s the actual one? I’m a bit confused between the others with added vowels. Thanks.

  15. David Muniz says:

    I appreciate your website. I came across it while doing some researching the real name of The Most High. I had one question since I am Mexican how would I be able to show proof or evidence that we are from the tribe of Issachar. I have done some research but haven’t clearly seen any connections. Do you mind pointing me in the right direction?

  16. Hi there sista. How do I learn the days of the week in Hebrew?

  17. I’ve found the information on your site. It’s cool!

  18. I checked beneath the Hebrew calender title. Now I can learn the days of the week in Hebrew. Thanks!

  19. adamco79 says:

    Ahavah Yashiva- Israelites Unite Shalam, First giving praise, honor, esteem, and reference to our heavenly Abba, The Almighty King of the universe! I really like your blog, and what you are saying is the truth. Todah for trying to help wake up our people because the time is getting very, short, and sadly our people are still doing all the abominations of our forefathers that provoked Yah to wrath and furious anger. Our people are still worshiping Jesus Christ. They are doing worst then our forefathers turned their backs on Yah and worshiped false idols and gods that can’t save. We are doing worst than our forefathers because we are not only worshiping the false idols and gods but we are worshiping Yah and the false gods. We are saying that Yah is with these false gods and images. I explain on my site how this false god was created and I also show how to count the number/ name of this beast system that prove that this false god Jesus Christ, in all of his forms, colors, names used to describe him, his number is “666”.

    For more information that exposes this false Black/White, idol image Jesus Christ, the great end time deception, and how to count the number of his name “666”, you can go here links below:

    How to Count The Mark/ Number of the Beast System: Part 1

    How to Count The Mark / Number of the beast System: Part 2

    I, “ONLY!!! I, AM HE!!! And there is NO GOD (EL-Jesus Christ, Yahoshua, Yahawashi, Yahusha, Allah, Muhammad ), WITH ME! I kill and I make alive! I wound, and I heal! Neither is there any that can deliver out of MY hand!!!


    The set-apart name of the Creator:
    AHAYAH = AH – THE – YAH when you say Ahayah, you are calling yourself Yah, you can say, HAYAH = THE YAH or YAH, that is His set-apart Name.

    Todah, for all of your efforts and help to wake up our people before the furious anger, wrath, and vengeance of all Mighty Yah come down upon us.


  20. I have just started reading your blog and was unsure if people really want to know their really history. Your blog proves they do. I too have set up a blog about this. I felt called to do this. I am a product of the African slave trade. I did an ancestry DNA test and then started tracing my lineage. There was so much information relating to the whole slave era and before this that I had to set up a blog. I have been in turmoil for a few years because I felt that the King James bible I had had been modified to suit the political agenda if the people at the time. Through my search I have been drawn to the Old Testament and the amaraic bible which I will now be studying. Yesterday I found that the Tankh Jewish Torah has some missing chapters and some of these directly address the 12 tribes of Judah . Please visit my post to see my findings. We are closer to the truth. We are being awakened we need to join together and get back to our praise of Yahweh in the way of our forefathers and not the way of King James. If they didn’t like us why would they tell us the truth. Also I would love for others to share their stories and findings on my blog. I have set up a page called each one teach one for this.
    My blog is http://blackhistory938.wordpress.com

  21. Shalam

    When I click on your links, it tells me that it has been removed. Even your YouTube links. Do you have any other contact info that you can be reached from?

    I’m new at learning about all of this

    An aunt of mines did some ancestry stuff and I was told that my ancestors comes from Madagascar…

    • Shalam, all my website are back up, but YouTube took down all of my videos, guess they don’t want the message to get out. I will be uploading all of my videos directly to my website that were taken down from all of my YouTube channels.

      • ginovat says:

        I was worried that when they took down your YouTube channel that they would take down your blogspot site as well. I went to archive.org and made several copies of articles from your blogspot site, just in case, because this is the time that the truth will be revealed about His Word and you have done a great work by spreading truth!

        You are the main reason that I began to learn how to read Hebrew and it’s changed my life. I was hoping that you would post a comment on this site again because I wanted to send you a link to a couple of scriptures in Hebrew that reveal how the Word has been altered far more than anyone ever suspected. It would probably shock you because of what it implies. It’s very revealing how deceptive the scribes and Masoretes were.

        It’s not something that I would want to post publicly until you see it first. it’s just that big of an issue. Perhaps you could require permissions on my post so that it’s not seen publicly. That option should be available on any WordPress account, free or premium.

      • Shalam!

        I’ve been consistently warned and taken down from YouTube and many other sites. I still doing the work and now will be posting on my newly created Patreon page at:


      • sirrocksalot says:

        There is no guessing that the yutube doesn’t want your messages there. It’s what yutube does. If they can’t insult and trash you, then yutube simply deletes you. If you hit a nerve on dirty scum sites, like the google controlled yutubes and mainstream filth, then yes. Your videos will be ripped down, or re-edited by there prostitutes in order to bash whatever work you’ve done, in regards to history or whatever else. Such is the case, for example, of bashing the Arthur Koestler book, The Thirteenth Tribe, by one of there yutube counterpunch drones (prostitutes).

      • Shalam!


        We are forced to go to other platforms that are currently not censoring these kind of information.


    Sis did you take the paleo Hebrew learning down it shows the post been removed

  23. nnekadavis says:

    Shalawam, Ahchwath! I was happy to see that you’re website is still active! I went to your blog on learning ancient Hebrew and s saw that it was taken down. It was beyond helpful. Please! Are you planning to put it back up? Or can you make the”alphabet” and the explanation of each pictograph/character available again?

  24. Shalom! I have enjoyed the website Learning Ancient Paleo Hebrew and your Youtube. I had a playlist of your videos. What was your videos removed from Youtube and your blog spot was removed as well. I was so disappointed when I wanted to refer back to my playlist of your videos. I am so disappointed because I really want to learn my Hebrew language.

  25. Nikki Journal says:

    Shalawam from Belize… May The truth of The Most High continue to find all who is seeking it with their whole heart, mind and soul!!!


  27. James Traylor says:


    When I click on your links, it tells me that it has been removed. Even your YouTube links. Do you have any other contact info that you can be reached from? URL https://amzn.to/2N9MarN

  28. James Traylor says:

    Shalawam, Ahchwath! I was happy to see that you’re website is still active! I went to your blog on learning ancient Hebrew and s saw that it was taken down. It was beyond helpful. Please! Are you planning to put it back up? url https://amzn.to/2N9MarN

  29. Rameen DC says:

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    For common colds and other ailments you would use things like chamomile, sweet basil, mellein, etc.

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  30. romeo lariosa says:

    I am living here in the Philippines with a handful group of men and women who are studying and searching also for the truth! We are religious kind of people, we inherit this from our ancestors, but we find out that they were really worshiping idols and evil spirits, then we were changed and joint to a so called messianic group for a quite sometime but found out they were impostor! Not so long, we have found your website that share about the ancient alphabet, ancient people of Israel, ancient patriarchs, etc, etc., Now we know the true name of the father Ahayah and His Son Yashayah, and we do believed them in our hearts and we want to be baptize in this true name of the Father and the of Son. How could it be done? Where should we go?

  31. sirrocksalot says:

    Ahayah, what do you make of this? And there is extensive documentation on this as well. Anybody in the land of the ignorant can look this up. However, the whole “zionist” or so-called jewish contrivance is by fake jews in this hideous atrocity, correct? So Arthur Koestler is giving it to you straight, that these people are not jewish whatsoever, but fake jew khazars. Yes, or no?

  32. sirrocksalot says:

    Too bad you can’t slap up some pictures on this, eh Ahayah? I guess that’s stuff relegated for the likes of one of their roman catholic controlled slumlords like zuckerberg and freakbook, and all the rest. They certainly can, since their server is gigantic. Anyways I had a quote by Carl Sagan that is spot on. Whether or not Sagan is part of the controlled opposition, then yeah. As usual, sometimes you have to glean what you can off of controlled opposition, which is all over the likes of the yutubes, and freakbooks. I don’t know how uncensoredtube works, but it might be an alternative. Anyways, Sagan is spot on with this one. One of my favorite modern day quotes:
    ” One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
    -carl sagan

  33. sirrocksalot says:

    I don’t get it. When I post on this one and only page, my wordpress account actually works here. However, when I try to post something with links onto one of your yutube videos, or a link to a yutube video, it goes back to the google thing as usual. Which means my hyperlinks won’t do anything unless they are copied and pasted. Why is that? Anyways, here is another one out of the series: https://www.goyimtv.tv/v/3631551085/In-The-Name-of-Zion—-Part-Seven—-The-Highest-Art-of-Warfare

  34. ladiesy says:

    Hi if someone Father is black and their mother might have been mixed because the mother’s father was not black; can the person be considered part of the tribe of Judah

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