Most High & Christ True Names

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  1. abubenyahu says:

    Some time ago during Biblical study sounding out Jehovah, I heard j o v, wrote it down. More study revealed j o v to be the original spelling of the greco-roman god we know as Jove. The violence to the WORD by the Babylonians, the sanhedrin etcetera.

  2. abubenyahu says:

    We know that Yashiya Meshiahh is the Paleo-Hebraic of the created name Jesus Christ. Why are you using the bastardized Greek to english translation christ?

  3. Jen Dixion says:

    Please forgive my limited knowledge of Hebrew. I have been trying to study out the proper name of our Most High. I understand that Hayah is the infinitive case of the verb “to exist”. I have read many other places that Ahayah is subjective case “I am” and using it is stating that you are saying this of yourself. Is this true, how do you know? I have read bits concerning His name in Morals & Dogma and the citations you have mentioned in The Witch’s Guide, and agree that we can not use the same name, but I don’t want to run around calling myself the Most High either! How can we be absolute in his name. Would you possible be able to tell me what it would look like if you wrote HE EXISTS??

    • 1yahawahdah says:

      your right its BLASPHEMOUS for us to say I am because we are not ! the way you say he is or he exist is Yahawah or יהוה ,in the bible every where you see the phrase “the Lord” , in the hebrew it says יהוה or Yahawah . He did tell moses I am that I am but in the very next verse is what WE are to call him

  4. William Amis says:

    May I sow insight? Here is the chart we use to study the original Israel Language which you know of course. La-Sha-Wan(a) Qa-Dash(a) This means Holy Tongue. If you want to search for truth throughout the Bible. Then, get ready for your eyes to be open.


    Questions, I am always available to learn.

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