Who is Esau – Edom?

who is esau



8 Responses to Who is Esau – Edom?

  1. Chioma Igbo says:

    Thank you, sooo much, for this information.

  2. davidruns08 says:

    Edom H122-123 means rosy red, and ruddy in the concordance as it relates to the term Adam H119-120 meaning to show blood, to be flush or rosy red, made red or ruddy in Hebrew. Are you saying the first man made, Adam, was a white man? If not I need some clarification.

  3. This information is much needed today. Many of the people are in self denial even though the truth is being taught strait from the Bible. Thank you for the mighty work that you are doing to wake up the people of all colors. Praise be to the Most High God of Israel.

  4. DILBERT says:

    You cannot be a Christian and on the side of fake Israelites, they are after the total destruction of all Christianity, and you are assisting in your own demise.

  5. Timothy Nicholas says:

    Edomites are a mixed seed. Certain Arab tribes, certain Hamite people, and certain Europeans like Ashkenazi, among others, carry Esau’s seed. Edom isn’t one group of people. Esau married Caananite and Ishmaelite women. Edom has hidden himself among the other nations but we have to be scripturally clear for even Israelites are among the other nations. Edomite is an Edomite by his father lineage, and the same for Israelites. Genesis 10 and book of Numbers provides the proof. Now ask yourself this, which nations of people can Edom fulfilled Genesis 27 for he must have world dominance among all nation of peoples? Answer: The Europeans: made up of the sons of Japheth & the sons of the unknown ancient nation; as for the Ishmaelites/Arabs YHUH has a purpose for them too in 2 Esdras 15, for they are the sons of Ishmael and you know what the book of Genesis says about them. 3 groups: Esau, Japhet, unknown ancient. The unknown ancient is not known by the Israelites; remember they know if the lineage is of Adam, read Works of Josephus. That seed is of Satan & his angels. I believe that Edom, today, are primarily within the so-called “Jewish” (Ashkenazi, primarily), the Turks (the Ottomans, “O Teman”, Obadiah 1:9), and the SAUdi Arabians. They, initially, mixed in with the Canaanites and descendants of Japhetic descendants of Javan (Greeks/Ionians), and Kittim/Chittim (establishing the ROMAN EMPIRE) Perhaps, a fusion with the Ishmaelites & Turks created the Caucasoid Arabs (SAUdis); ALL of these groups of people have contributed to the domination and the overpowering of Yah’s chosen people, using the descendants of Ham and, primarily, the descendants of Japheth as their “soldiers” Also, they mingled their seed with the fallen angels’ descendants (nephilim, rephaim, Anakim) Through these fusions, they’ve been able to dominate and control the so called planet (which is why they have arranged marriages and unions with other nations).

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