According to documented secular history, there were many gods that were known to numerous civilizations. The ancient Israelite civilization was no different.

The ancient Assyrians had their gods; Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, had his gods; even the Greeks and Romans had theirs. But WHO, exactly, is the Sovereign of the ancient Israelites?

Today, those who follow the Jewish religion called Judaism, say that the name of their god is Jehovah. In fact, the Concordance shows that the name “Jehovah” is the JEWISH national name of God:

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In light of this, we’re going to examine Biblical and secular documents to find out more about the Jewish god, Jehovah, and we’re going to see, just from the evidence, IF this is the god of the ANCIENT Israelites and whether or not YOU, a Hebrew and descendant of Yacob, should call on the name of this god.

The Name

Today, there is a religion that owes its name to the Jewish god, Jehovah. The religion is called Jehovah’s Witnesses. You might be familiar with its followers because in order to be considered an “active” member of the religion, you must accumulate a determined amount of time by passing out the religion’s reading material, which gets reported as “time” that you must submit monthly. The religious reading material is printed by its self-named Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

The religion’s leaders, like the religious leaders of Judaism, say that the name of their god comes from the tetragramamton or, the four letters YHWH, and both religions say that these four letters represent the name: Yahweh. So let us go into our reference text, the Hebrew Lexicon (there are Hebrew Lexicons and Concordances online if you don’t have your own copy) and see what it tells us about the name Jehovah, as well as its abbreviated forms: Jah and Yah (you will be surprised).

What the Hebrew Lexicon Reveals


What does the Lexicon reveal about the names Jehovah and Yahweh? Surprisingly, it reveals that this god is NOT who the ancient Israelites looked to for guidance, but is actually the god of the Phoenicians. And his name is: Ba’al. That’s right: Ba’al. Let’s take look at some proof:


In the Hebrew Lexicon, at reference number 1180, you will see that Jehovah is Ba’al. The Lexicon reveals that Strong’s number 1180 comes from Strong’s number 1167. But what will you find at Strong’s 1167? The Lexicon, again, reveals that the name Jehovah is a symbolical name for Ba’al. If you follow that reference by clicking on the reference link 1167, you will arrive here: Jehovah is another name of Ba’al. And curiously, if you read the definition at reference 1167, it tells you that reference number 1168 is THE SAME as reference number 1167. And what is the definition for reference number 1168: Ba’al bah’-al the same as 1167; Ba’al, a Phoenician deity. So in fact, Jehovah IS Ba’al, a Phoenician diety, not the Sovereign of Yacob. (We should note, however, that ancient Israel did leave the Sovereign Creator and his Laws to worship the deity known as Ba’al, and if you have read the history of ancient Israel, then you know they experienced some rather bitter consequences for spiritual apostasy;

So you might now be wondering: What about the name Yah, then? This is the name that is found in Psalms with the phrase rendered: “hallelujah”, right? Wrong. What you didn’t know is that the word hallelujah has a meaning unknown to those who are not familiar with the Hebrew or Arabic tongues. In fact, the name Yah is derived from the four-letter YHWH (Yahweh), and according to the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, the name Yah means: My Ba’al. You can read it for yourself, here. You will see as you scroll down that Yah is another symbolic name for Ba’al and it also represents the Egyptian Moon god.

AHAYAH is the ONLY True Name of the Most High thy Power and YASHIYA/YASHAYA is the ONLY True Name of his Son our Saviour.

30 Responses to JEHOVAH and YAHWEH are Baal

  1. excellent research. i have the book illuminati 2 by henry mankow and he talks about the same thing about the father name being AHAYAH.

  2. This is from the Jehovah Witnesses who state the sometime the Israelites called Jehovah Baal.

  3. Don Diezel says:

    I’m confused, the “JAH” in the word “Hallelujah”, is it making reference to “YAH” as in “AHAYAH” or is it making reference to “YAH” as in “YAHWEH”, here appears to be a massive difference. You make reference to the word “HALLELUJAH” as being injected into the bible but you’ve explained its meaning as “HALLE” being praises and “YAH” being the God, so praises to God. Could you please explain this further.

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  9. Liz Harkess says:

    Abraham was a horite , go read history about horites and horus look at horus in Egypt look at amon yes and amon in Jehova, Jupiter, Indra , Baal . In Greece he is zeus in rome he is Jupiter , the moon is always a bull or a cow . Go read about the Sumerian “gods” where Abraham was said to come from Ure Southern Mesopotamia , Look at the name is ra el , ra the fire of the son and el . then determine weather the god of Isreal is Baal . look at the flag of isreal the triangles are solar lunar ,

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  22. 0849080402h says:

    On the 10th of February 2010 AD, Karo backed by 53 Global Christian Denominations with Scholars of the Highest Esteem removed the word “Trinity” from all new print Bibles CLAIMING it to be an interpolation. He also replaced the word “Crucifixion” with the word “Ascension”, thereby nullifying the claim that Jesus died for our sins. This memo went VIRAL only amongst priests/pastors many of whom decided not to accept the changes to the Bible. This is the only reason why 55 000 Sects of similar sizes Christianity exists today, each 1 SECT claiming to be the only correct 1, further CLAIMING that all other sects are going to Hell although every SECT worships Satan and/or Pagan Mangod Krishna/Horus/Mithra/Jesus and/or Phoenician Pagan Moongod Yahweh/Jehova/Baal/False Zionist AntiChrist Messiah/Dajjaal. Muslims on the other hand enjoy a 92% Sunni mainstream SECT dominating against 4% Global self acclaimed misguided Wahaabis, 4% misguided Global Shias and less than half % Ahmadias/Qadianis.
    It must be noted that while Christianity is banned in 53 Global Countries and DIMINISHING fastest, Islam on the other hand is Fastest Growing Globally. If we work out the conservative USA estimates of NON-MUSLIMS reverting to Islam (mainly from Christianity) according to 2019 Stats of 200000/day globally, it amounts to 72,85 million people per year, increasing every year, not to mention the best BIRTHRATE running into millions/day globally, although I came across a Satan/False Mangod Worshipper CLAIMING falsely that apostasy is high in Islam, citing the Salaafi/Wahaabi Mufti Menk as his source, causing me no concern whatsoever.
    The irony of a Pagan Mangod Krishna/Mithra/Horus/Jesus Worshipper and/or a Pagan Phoenician Moongod Yahweh/Jehova/Baal/AntiChrist/Dajjaal Worshipper is that he/she knows Muslims follow Jesus and Xtians follow Paul, yet he pleads with Muslims to accept Jesus, although Bible claims only God is the Saviour, while Muslims know that all 124 000 Prophets of Allah/Elohim/Hashem are Messiahs/Saviours for their followers only.
    Nobody is stopping anybody from worshipping their Pagan Mangod Mithra/Krishna/Horus/Jesus nor their Phoenician Pagan Moongod Yahweh/Jehova/Baal/False Zionist AntiChrist Messiah/Dajjaal.
    However, using SATAN’S names to call God is totally wrong! BIBLE tells us that the road to God is narrow for Christians because only Arab Christians worship Allah/Elohim/Hashem listed as Creator of Heavens and Earth in Genesis 1:1 of the Arabic Bible.
    Either you worship a Pagan Mangod, or you worship Satan Yahweh/Jehova/Baal, Jesus is a Muslim.
    Jesus Hates Lawless Xtians. These very Christians have killed Whole Nations globally and stole their land. Although Muslims discovered America first and left it as they found it, Satanists/Falsegod Worshippers lie to falsely claim Columbus founded America. 100 million Red Indians were killed and others were raped, tortured and Christianity imposed upon them. Only Orthodox Jews and Muslims keep the Commandments of Moses. Although Paul abolished it for Xtians, he wrote in Hebrew 10:28 THAT the person who does not keep the Commandments must be KILLED. Xtians are Lawless. Jesus said he will chase lawless Xtians away.
    The opposite of what a Satan/Falsegod/Yahweh/Jehova/Baal Worshipper says WITHOUT PROOF is THE GOSPEL truth! A Satan/Falsegod/Yahweh/Jehova/Baal Worshipper has to LIE, Rape, kill, steal, get Drunk, get Drugged, invade Lands, do 9/11, do Covid19, try to starve Venezuelans, Kill Palestinians, Kill Syrians, Kill Burmese Muslims, Kill Indian Muslims, boycott Muslim Businesses in India, Kill American Indians, Kill Aborigines, Steal Tithe from poor people although Bible annulled Tithe paying (and the evil list goes on) just to appease Zionists so that they will allow him to propagate his False Satan/Mangod worshipping faith that will lead him to ETERNAL Hell UPON Death!
    Sheikh Ahmed Mukhthar Yacoob
    Senior Interfaith Specialist (Quran,Ahaadith,Bible)
    Research Scientist
    Disciple of the late Mol. M. I. Khushtar (RA) Manchester, Karachi, Mauritius, South Africa
    If you want to share my notes on Facebook for Da’Wa Purposes, click on any 1 of 2 links below and share Insha-Allah. Even spreading these links will earn you Sawaab-e-Jaaria Insha-Allah. My posted articles can be viewed on those links. There is no error in this article. If you find 1, contact me and I will send to you the original article.
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  23. picoocooblog says:

    The thing is, the name Baal in itself is a general term for the word “lord”. The bible clearly states not to worship the Baal – the satanic one in the form of a bull. satan is an excellent imitator so we cant look at names alone for any evidence, we must look at actions. The God written in the bible is against human sacrifice, sent his son to die for all the sins of the world and called on people to repent of their sins and lead a good life. The god Baal wanted parents to throw their children into the flames for sacrifice and was all about witchcraft/ sorcery and doing whatever you wanted even if it was atrocious. Now do these 2 entities really sound like one of the same? No they don’t. Please don’t be fooled there is definitely a source of good and a source of evil in this world, satan is always looking for opportunities to confuse us and make good look evil and evil look good. I know even the bible has been tampered with but I do believe in an all loving God who created everything and just wants us to love him and others.

    • Shalam!

      Baal is actually another name for the Devil. It is also stated in “The World Book Encyclopedia” that “Bel” is another name for Baal and Baal is another name for Satan, so Satan is being worshipped through the Masonic ritual. The Devil Satan is being disguise in numerous names and yes, he is the author of confusion.

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