12 Tribes of Israel

ref: Revelation: 7:4-10


Biblical Names: – Slave Names:

Reuben – So called Seminole Indians / Aboriginal Australians

Simeon – So called Dominicans

Levi – So called Haitians

Judah – So called African Americans / Negroes

Zebulon – Guatemalans / Panamanians

Issachar – So called Mexicans

Gad – So called North American Indians

Asher – Columbians/ Brazilians / Argentines / Venezuelans

Naphtali – Hawaiians / Samoans / Tongans / Fijians

Ephraim – So called Puerto Ricans

Manasseh – So called Cubans

Benjamin – So called Jamaicans / Trinidadians / Guyanese/ West Indians


Yes… the above are all the true descendants of the Hebrew Israelite People. We were scattered all over (Atlantic Slave Trade) and put into captivity under the “Babylonian Control” by the “SO CALLED JEWS OF TODAY”, who were “Masons” who stole our identity and culture 100 of years ago to gain wealth and power.

THIS IS REAL AND TRUE! The ancient Egyptians were “SO CALLED BLACK or PEOPLE of COLOR” and so were the Hebrews.

So how are the Jews today “WHITE”, when the ORIGINAL HEBREWS were “DARK SKIN PEOPLE” (ref. Exodus chapter 2:5).

This is why they took the nose off of all the Egyptian Statues to hide the true identity.

Wake Up Jacob and know your Identity.

22 Responses to 12 Tribes of Israel

  1. how did you compile this list?

  2. Where do the European/Caucasian races fit in?

  3. I just mean as a ‘people’, the whole racial root, the European, white coloured races,…not sure you could describe them as a nation, as far as being related to any other 12 tribes. My question could be reworded as,…”are there any white Anglo-Saxon, british, European peoples that are includes in or spring from any one of the 12 tribes of Israel, and if not, can they still be ‘grafted’ into the ‘True Israel’ by spiritual conversion/regeneration as gentiles into the true fold?

    • Ok, no they are not included in any of the 12 tribes of Israel, but they can be save in the end times if they learn the truth from the true Hebrews and put their satanic god down and repent for their sins and come to the true Father Ahayah.

      • Abraham and his direct descendents had blessings placed upon them that included the formation of a single great nation and also of a company of nations as well as having control over the world’s land and sea gates and of the blessings of above (rain), and the blessings of the deep (fish, coal, oil, gas etc). Which negro or Hispanic nations accomplished these promises?? Thank you.

  4. gabriellev13 says:

    How did you connect Trinidadians with tribe of Benjamin. And the blacks with the tribe of Judah. I’m sure all of this has biblical standing but what verse and chapters?

    • All the so-called blacks that was taken to the Caribbean Countries, are from the tribe of Benjamin and the ones taken to North America/USA are from the tribe of Judah. Keep in mind they are also some Benjamin in America because they were taken from the Caribbean over to America and they intermingled with the tribe of Judah.

      • I have a question regarding the tribe of Judah and tribe of Benjamin if my family was born in jamaica from slave descendants but we have the same dna as our American Family then how does that make us a different tribe. Also in reading the Bible it seems those prophesies were fulfilled long before slavery. I do believe that descendants of slaves are from 1of the 12 tribes but please can you clarify those points for me. Shalom

      • Shalam!

        If your father is a so-called black Jamaican man, then you are from the tribe of Benjamin. Of course, you will have the same DNA make up with the tribe of Judah because that is Benjamin Brother.

  5. mortaryan says:

    Why do you pronounce the Hebrew language in such a bizarre manner, what is the source of your peculiar pronunciation?

  6. Shalam! You are just lack of knowledge and need to do your own diligent research.

  7. have a question, Im a tutsi. which 12 tribe am i or which nation.

  8. Cloudia says:

    Shalowam my sister – you threw me off at the end referencing Egyptian, you are aware that the Egyptian s are Hamites, right?

  9. What about the indian side of guyana who say there came their as indentured slaves from India? Are they from the tribe of benjamin. What is the maroon and how tied to the tribe of benjamin?

  10. Ashur Solognier says:

    Hi a question: the tribe of Benjamin(So called Jamaicans / Trinidadians / Guyanese/ West Indians) are you/they referring to the “Indians” or the descendants of the transatlantic slaves? Thank you in advanced.

    • Shalam!

      The Benjamin is referred to the so-called blacks in the Caribbean. The so-called West Indians, in my case being from Guyana, I know that I am from the tribe of Ephrahim after doing my diligent research. Most of the so-called West Indians are from the tribe of Ephrahim NOT just Porta Ricans.

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