Deuteronomy – 6:4 Hear O Israel The Most High thy Power is One.

(Shami Yasharahla Ahayah Alahayahnawa Ahayah Accad)

Shalam and Blessings Brothers and Sisters! I’m a child of the Most High Ahayah!

I have created this friendly and interactive community, which will be focussing mainly on all aspects of the Torah and 1611 KJV Old and New Testament Bible. Information will be share both Biblically and Historically so our audiences can get a better understanding of the whole truth. There will be an array of topics of disussions for everyone to particpate into. I welcome everyone to join us on this journey of Truth and ask you to please come with an open mind and willingness to learn and understand that what you think you know isn’t anything, and what you think you don’t need to know is in fact everything. Please come with an acceptance that there are things, which on this earth you do not know and that are hidden from you. Please understand that to understand the world YOU live in today you must understand the rules. Just like the Matrix you must be able to see the whole (spiritual, physical, Historical, social and geographical picture) before you can operate in the game. Do not be dismissive because you think you have heard it all before, do not be dismissive because you feel a woman is bringing this to you, do not be dismissive because I am a follower of the MH Ahayah Asher Ahayah and his begotten son Yashiya. If you feel after reading this with an open mind to disregard it, do the research for yourself before deciding.

All Praises to the Most High Ahayah Bahasham Yashiya Wa Rawach!

Wake Up My People! “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE” We’ll soon see Zion Praise “AHAYAH” Thawadah!


8 Responses to About

  1. How do you figure the true name of heavenly father and His son?

  2. canbeus says:

    Praise be AHAYAH BAHASHAM YASHIYA WA RAWACH for you my sister. I have been searching for conformation or dis-affirmation of my findings and understandings. The journey has lead me here too you. Praise be I have found conformation as well as new understanding from your work, I thank you. I am just a simple woman who has developed a hunger for the truth in scriptures and I praise all who would uncover these truths.
    Bless you, Emily Disraeli

  3. What does this word “Bahasham” means?

  4. What does Ra Warach mean?

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