False Religion Books

False Books1

False Books2

Talmud Bavli
Jehovah’s Witnesses
The NIV Study Bible
The NKJV Study Bible
Geneva Bible
The Catholic Study Bible
The New American Bible
The Book of Mormon
The Quran
The Bhagavad Gita
The Buddhist Bible
The Watchtowers

7 Responses to False Religion Books

  1. Is there a holy bible that uses God’s name insted of just “God” or “Lord”?

  2. I would like to know why do you have the KJV bible as a legitimate biblical study tool but ban the Geneva Bible? Have you researched how King James was a mason and he had that bible altered and edited by a fellow mason an entire year before publication. The bible didn’t get notoriety until the last few hundred years. Most people from that era used the Geneva Bible because #1) it was the most purest as having been used from sources that were directly translated from Hebrew and Greek texts. Not the Catholic Church’s versions. #2) the people didn’t trust King James because he was also a force behind their persecution. They (they that opposed the Catholic Church) started what is called the Anglican Church and they just as much persecuted Christians as did the Catholics.

    Also, look in that Bible and you will see Sabaoth in there twice. This is gnostic teaching which Secret Societies heavily use to this day! These are their secret teachings of the demiurge and so forth. I know many people stand for KJV but me personally I used to feel there was a sort of spell on that book and asked the True and Living to show me the truth. When I started doing research, I was floored. The masons have infiltrated that book from cover to cover and if one is not savvy to their devices you will miss it. I don’t know much about the Geneva but it came before KJV. And after seeing some of what I have noticed, those early Christians were right not to trust that version.

  3. Julie Wang says:

    The new testament is write by Greek or Hebrew?

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