“NIMROD” – The LORD of Christmas

Shalom Brothers and Sisters!

“NIMROD” – The LORD of Christmas



“Nimrod started the great organized worldly apostasy from God that has dominated this world until now.

Nimrod married his own mother, whose name was Semiramis.

After Nimrod’s death, his so-called mother-wife, Semiramis, propagated the evil doctrine of the survival of Nimrod as a spirit being. She claimed a full-grown evergreen tree sprang overnight from a dead tree stump, which symbolized the springing forth unto new life of the dead Nimrod. On each anniversary of his birth, she claimed, Nimrod would visit the evergreen tree and leave gifts upon it. December 25th, was the birthday of Nimrod. This is the real origin of the Christmas tree.”

-The Plain Truth About Christmas
by David J. Stewart | December 24th, 2005

yule log

“Traditionally, a yule log was burned in the fireplace on Christmas Eve and during the night as the log’s embers died, there appeared in the room, as if by magic, a Christmas tree surrounded by gifts. The yule log represented the sun-god Nimrod and the Christmas tree represented himself resurrected as his own son Tammuz.”

–After Armageddon -Chapter 4
Where do we get our ideas?
by John A. Sarkett


“So our Christmas tree — and our yule log — have tremendous meaning, but not a Christian meaning. The yule log is the dead Nimrod, human ruler of ancient Babylon, who was eventually deified as the sun incarnate, and hence a god. The Christmas tree is mystical Tammuz, the slain god come to life again.”

–After Armageddon -Chapter 4
Where do we get our ideas?
by John A. Sarkett


The Real Origin of Christmas

“The real origin of Christmas goes back to ancient Babylon. It is bound up in the organized apostasy with which Satan has gripped a deceived world these many centuries! In Egypt, it was always believed that the son of Iris (Egyptian name for “Queen of Heaven”) was born December 25th. Semiramis also bore the title “Queen of Heaven” – and she was Nimrod’s mother.

Paganism celebrated this famous birthday over most of the known world for centuries before the birth of Christ.”

-The Plain Truth About Christmas
by David J. Stewart | December 24th, 2005


“Christmas as a pagan holiday traces back thousands of years before to a man named Nimrod, founder of ancient pagan Babylon.”

-Christmas Unwrapped
From the History Channel
by Alan Mansager

“December 25 was highly honored and recognized by Nimrod’s supporters…Many centuries later this pagan custom was “Christianized” as being the birthday of Christ.”

-The True Origin of Christmas and Other Holidays
Who Was Really Born On December 25?
The Gilead Institute of America

“Lent, Easter and Christmas are of Babylonian origin.”

2000 B.C. TO DATE
by Edward Stevens (1895-1966)

“December 25th was celebrated as Nimrod’s birthday. Generally, all mankind is fast asleep, dreaming this old Babylonian dream.”

-The Story Of Nimrod,
As It Relates To Christmas And Easter
by Wilhelm J Wolfaardt

“Yashiya Christ was NOT born on December 25.

But December 25th can be traced back to Genesis and a man named Nimrod. Nimrod was the founder of a great false religious system that began in ancient Babylon that has always opposed the truths of God. It’s time we face facts! This world is deceived, just as God prophesied it would be (Rev. 12:9).

Satan is the power behind this deception.

Satan has successfully pawned off the old customs of the Babylonian mystery religion as being pleasing to Yashiya Christ.”

– Why Christmas is (Not) So Important to God
By Carl Hilliker and Mark Jenkins December 2002 article in; The Trumpet

A Deception of Satan!




32 Responses to “NIMROD” – The LORD of Christmas

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  2. the semites can hardly describe and understand Nimrod, since in those times they didn’t even exist. Good and bad started with the influx of arians millennia later and Zoroaster represented Nimrod until Jesus was born. No wonder that the magi came to his cradle. All other versions ar disservice to Humanity

  3. Please continue to spread this truth about Christmas

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  5. Your website prominently mentions Israel and Israelites, and you claim to have gotten your information by studying the Old Testament, but Nimrod is mentioned only 3 places in the Jewish and Christian Scriptures — Genesis 10:8-12, 1 Chronicles 1:10, and Micah 5:5. In Genesis and 1 Chronicles he is identified as a great-grandson of Noah (Nimrod, son of Cush, son of Ham, son of Noah) and identified as “the first potentate on earth” (Gen 10:8) / “the first to be a conqueror on the earth (1 Chr 1:10). In Gen 10:9 he is praised as “a mighty hunter by the grace of the Lord” (of Israel, no doubt). In Gen 10:10-12 his chief cities (by conquest?) are listed as Babylon, Erech and Accad in the land of Shinar, from whence he went to Asshur (Assyria), where he built the cities of Nineveh, Rehoboth-Ir, Calah, and Resen. Finally, in Micah 5:4-5 Assyria is identified as “the land of Nimrod”. That’s it for biblical references to Nimrod.

    I have just gone through the only Old Testament references to Nimrod. So where are you getting your purported “facts” about:
    1) December 25 as Nimrod’s birthday?
    2) The names of Nimrod’s wife and mother?
    3) Nimrod’s coming back to life as an evergreen tree from a dead tree stump?
    4) Nimrod, his wife, or his son being gods or goddesses?

    1) My quotations above are taken from the New American Bible.
    2) The white statue about halfway down this page, which you identify as being of Semiramis and Nimrod is actually of the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus Christ. Mary was proclaimed the “Mother of God” (Theotokos) at the Council of Ephesus in 321 A.D., and the mother of a king (or the “King of kings”, in Jesus’ case) is always a queen. Also, if Mary was the mother of Jesus, and Jesus was God, then it follows logically that Mary was the mother of God. This does not imply that Mary was the source of Jesus’ divinity but that, like any mother, she was the source of half of his genes, she bore Him in her womb, and she delivered him into this world.

    • Shalam! You need to continue to do your diligent research and you will find the truth. Start with the 1611 KJV Holy Bible.

      • When one makes an assertion and is asked for the source, it is not very helpful to simply say, “Do your research.” If one is truly interested in trying to spread some truth, it is best to be prepared to back up what one states. I am always mindful that if I cannot provide credible links to my truths, I cannot expect to appear credible, myself.

      • Shalam! I’m not sure what specific source you are referring to, but I do provide proof and resources of all my diligent researches and yes I do tell people to do their own researches so that they can be edify themselves and decipher truth from false.

    • ymarsakar says:

      After the Tower of Babel incident, language became fractured, but every cultural faction splintered off and had their own history, mostly oral, about Nimrod. Thus he is also known in the Norse and in Egypt. His other names are Osiris. That’s how you can figure out the rest of his background, because there are more than two witnesses to Nimrod. They just don’t write his name like that.

      One of the Ecumenical Councils under Christian State religion made Mary into the Mother of God, as orthodoxy. Since much of the Ecumenical Councils were dominated by corrupt politicians and priests, it all went down hill from Constantine. It was no longer the 1st century ad church that Jesus of Nazareth started.

      This explains some of the Roman Catholic worship of Mary, including the creation of graven images and bowing down before them (Leviticus). It doesn’t explain why they went out of their way to title her “Queen of Heaven”. There is another Queen of Heaven, listed in Jeremiah. And the Tammuz connection.

      All of this was predicted and seen before hand. Since the scriptures make mention that there would be a future church that would be punished for making the entire world drink out of the cup of fornication or some such. So it has to be a church, not an atheist paradise of scientists. And it has to be a world wide church.

    • Larry Tucker says:

      Christian16writer you have to know that Christmas is not a holy day but a holiday with no ties to Jesus and we’re not to worship Jesus’s mother and just like Christ is in the believer, we don’t worship the believer and if you are not born again you will not be able to understand this.

    • penkop 2012 says:

      Bible says nimrod is a mighty hunter against YAHUAH. he wasn’t praised by YAHUAH. He convinced people to follow him rather than YAHUAH, the reason why they build babel to get to heaven so they can smite YAHUAH.

    • Understand this: We seek a world wide New Amsterdam and it does not include Communists or Muslims or Gog of Magog Putin. We come in the vein of the Little Horn with the Eyes of a Man: York Rite Freemasonic Military Intelligence King of Kings Kaiser Wilhelm II = Lucifer in the flesh the House of Harmon the House of Sheffield and the House of Windsor 6 6 6 Germany and Germany alone. S I E G H E I L !

    • csaaphill says:

      The pagans would not join the newly formed Christian church that Constantine began to help rather than persecute, unless they could get and keep some other their false Idols. Mary was created from one of their female goddesses and the babe then would make sense to be either Nimrod or Tammuz. True to the modern Catholic since that’s where that statue is placed they would think that is who it is while all along it was Semiramis and Tammuz or Nimrod.
      And no she didn’t God gave him/ Jesus all his genes not her not her at all. She’s not divine nor should she be

      • csaaphill says:

        I would assume to those who say this is false, meaning that We are instead of worshipping Tammuz instead of Jesus. One should look to the clues as to when Jesus was actually born. Some, place his birth around 4 BC, and in April, or somewhere around that time. Others pace it around 4 AD and none can conclusively place it at Dec 25th. Even if honest Catholics or Christians can’t place his birth at Dec, 25th. They do look to what the scriptures say about Ceasar, Augustus made a decree to go home and be counted and taxed, some of their scholars say that was around Dec. but Augustus could have made many such decrees, either during that year or other years.
        Also if he made decrees to go home and be counted, doesn’t necessarily mean it was always done the same time each year. We pay taxes on the 15th or April, or that’s the deadline. Don’t forget we follow a Roman calendar and under the true calendar, of Adam on down, those days would be different. Too scripture isn’t always the best source for historic affairs, it has lots of blanks in it. So I assume the one above who said start there KJV to start your research meant just that but to also look where you can.
        I notice Catholics are the first ones to take great offense to this why? If it’s not true then don’t be offended. They worship idols I’ve seen it. they take out their little statue and beads to pray each nite. So that’s pretty good evidence itself they would want all mankind to do the same and defend this to the hilt. SDA’s make the claim to change times and laws, as in what I said above about the Roman Calendar and Laws as in taking out to not bow down to graven images which the first two commands are all about God as our king and not man, or man-made traditions is pretty good compelling evidence as to who the man of sin is. But I go a bit further to note even Protestants do the same with their teachings. Making the whole of both churches the Whore.
        I submit the “Come out of her my people” doesn’t necessarily mean a physical move, but if you leave the church then that would be the physical but doesn’t have to mean leave a country. Although I believe that since America does follow Babylonian beliefs through both Catholics and Protestants, as a country we are Babylon and will fall soon by violence. But as for my beliefs of not wearing a mask at all, it’s too late to leave the country so I am screwed, but I still can Obey Jesus through my disobedience to Men or women making unlawful decrees. Why one should wonder why is it we’re suffering more than any other country? NO! it’s not what you think! It’s our idolatry.
        We’ve allowed men to lead us Trump, Biden, now Obama, Clinton, Mayors Senators Representatives, etc… Which churches have allowed the GOvt to close them down and which ones didn’t? The answer is all, or pretty much all.
        Why? because of their false teaching on Romans 13 is why. Romans 13 never did say or ever mean obey Govt. It said to obey the higher power. For according to Strongs, the word power means liberty, not power. The word power was mistranslated from the Greek word Exousia, which means liberty, not power. The govt tells you to do something and you do, If you are putting man’s edicts and decrees before Gog and making Idols out of mankind. And maybe marked by the devil now??? God cares not about this virus he wants people that will make the hard choices for him and stand out away from the world.
        If that means losing your job going to jail being fined dying then that’s what faith is about.
        These mask mandates if they are not the mark they are a precursor of for they are now being used as. IE no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service or can’t buy or sell.
        But then later on when the vaccines come available and more sanctions come, for not having the vaccine then I would bet that is the mark.
        FYI, These vaccines have animal enzymes in them, I’ve researched them both.
        Modernas has what is called Luciferase in it. Note lucufer in luciferase!
        Luciferase is a lighting agent and is derived from fireflies or other insects that have light in them. Marvel, not that satan himself has been changed into an angel of light.
        Pfizer’s vaccine uses, from what I can tell, a crystalline type of technology. Plus both have nanotechnology in them. mRNA in both are artificially created and coded to make coronavirus antibodies, then have the body attack them, allegedly making one immune.?
        Don’t be dogmatic too on these aren’t on or in the forehead or right hand, for the forehead is what you think, and righthand is what you do.
        I care less about what they say, one messes with God’s design you’re asking for trouble.
        We’re not given a spirit of fear, and wearing masks show fear. Plus they’re worldly and are man’s ways, not Gods. No! it’s not brotherly love, for they’ve lied. For one these mask mandates, have been around now for months, and Coronavirus keeps spiking.
        There is a study on CDC.gov that shows the people who caught the virus, over 75% was wearing them up to 14 days before they caught it. If 99% of the people are wearing them at all times while out, then that means it’s mask to mask infection. It also shows that those who never wore it only about 3.9% caught it.
        So yeah it’s not showing brotherly love it’s showing you worship the beast.

    • Empath Travis says:

      I realize this post is old, but never before has humanity been so deceived. Jesus Christ is Hesus a Celtic god who Julius Caesar wrote about and Krishna a Hindu god. Constantine needed something to unite Rome that was splitting up. So he took all the religions and mashed them up. The Romans were still sore from the Greek’s loss to the Maccabees by the Israelites so they did everything they could to wipe God and son’s name from the word. Satan could not tempt nor kill Yeshua HaMasiach so he did the next best thing. The catholic church is bringing Babylon back but we have nimrods body here in the U.S.A. now. It’s the who’d reason Bush killed Saddam Hussein, to get Nimrods body and a stash of manna. Revelation is an astrology map. Virgo was clothed in the sun with the moon at her feet and 13 stars on her head and was preggo with JUPITER for 42 weeks 2 times in history. the first was around September 11 2b.c.e. and then again on December 20, 2017. The next signs were the profits rising from the dead, which was the great conjunction yesterday and Satan was also loosed for a little while. It’s about to get worse as i/m oh yeah pretty sure the 5th bowl has been poured out. God said in ‘Exodus ch 18-40 that the Sabbath was his mark on his people. So that would go to say that Sunday worship is the mark of the beast. I do implore you to learn quickly. ‘Constantine really did a number on the bible and messianic church. Those statues in this post are actually isis and Tammuz. all the statues in the Vatican are of roman gods repurposed. The name translated to greek is chooses which literally means little Zeus, not Jesus. What is worse is the sus part is all about pigs’ blood. The good news is that we now have several copies of the Hebrew new testament that were hiding for this day. Yahshua is coming back and yes it does matter his name. Yehovah is a jealous God and the picture we use of Jesus is actually a picture of Constantine


  6. I do believe these delicately weaved facts about Semiramis, Mother -Wife, and Nimrod mighty warrior. Satan has always run schemes to draw people away from the Chosen One who is Jesus
    Christ, Savior and King. Mary was an ordinary pure girl. Probably in her mid teens. God saw her as pure and righteous (not free from the curse of sin though). She needed the Savior just as all people do. She should not be worshipped or prayed to, this would be futile. The Trinity exist as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Three in one person, it’s a mystery, Jesus is the Spotless Lamb who was all man and all God. He gave his blood as a propitiation for all sin past, present and future. It is a free gift that results in eternal life to those abide in Him and He in them. Who cares what the actual day was, He came…….Amen.
    Don (donaldv43@gmail.com)

  7. Tia Kia says:

    I just hope everyone else will believe me once i spread the truth. Thank you for clarifying

  8. my family will never believe me what I have about this question celebrating it is it offending our heavenly father I start learning that Christmas is a hoax not what we told thru the history I very disappointed this whole thing called life is product to fool the masses

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  11. How can Nimrod have been born on December 25 when the Julian Calendar, which is the foundation of the Gregorian Calendar that we have used since the 1500s AD, did not exist until 45 BC (Sources: World Book Encyclopedia, 2016 edition) and Nimrod was during the Babylonian era of the 2000’s BC (Source: Ibid).

    • Shalam! Nimrod was born on December 25th and I do not follow the Gregorian Calendar. I follow the Enoch Calendar which is the correct calendar according to the Most High Words in Book of Jubilee.

      • csaaphill says:

        what or where is this Enoch colander you speak of? I’ve read the book of Jubilees at least part and I don’t see much of a calendar just Jubilees years like 7 years etc… do you have a link that shows a picture of the Enoch calendar?
        Not sure the lord wants the Enoch calendar but I do agree the Gregorian calendar is more likely another beast type of thing.

      • (1) Whoever said that Mary is divine or should be? “Mother” is what we normally call the woman who carries and then gives birth to a child. In this case the woman Mary carried and gave birth to Jesus, the incarnate Son of God (Luke 1:35). That doesn’t make Mary divine. The Holy Spirit (one person of the Most Holy Trinity) is who came upon her and caused her to conceive Jesus. Since Jesus is the Son (second person of the Holy Trinity) and Mary is His mother, that necessarily makes her the mother of God — not in a causal sense (that his divinity came from her) but in a purely natural sense (He came out of her body like any child does). In a somewhat analogous way, no one thinks that a prophet through whom God speaks is thereby divine; he is merely a specially chosen instrument of God.

        (2) Whatever the Book of Jubilee is, it is not found in the Jewish Old Testament or the Christian New Testament, so it cannot be considered as truly inspired by God.

        (3) How do you know the actual date that Nimrod was born, given that it was roughly 4000 years ago, when it is never stated in the Bible when such important figures as Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, or Isaiah were born or when they died?

        (4) Assuming that you do know the exact date that Nimrod was born on the “Enoch Calendar”, by what method or calculation did you deduce that that date was equivalent to December 25 on today’s Gregorian calendar? At present, the date seems to have been pulled out of thin air.

      • Shalam!

        It is obvious that you have a lot to learn and be edify about. So, to summarize, the book of Jubilee is a valid book and gives you the correct timeline.

  12. Richard Hernandez says:

    this all so confusing to one who is trying to understand what the truth is,can you please Identify your resources, and where a person can read the material, I know very little of all that is being said. and I really dont know what to think about all that is being said, Just consider me a dummy who has no starting place to find out the truth, truth is what I seek, not argument, but truth. So if some one can help a person like me, it would be greatly appreciated, like I said I am an ignorant person, trying to find the truth. So if some one can help me get started in the right path and method of research like I stated before it would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much and God Bless you. Richard

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  14. Rj Granados says:

    Regardless, No reference to Jesus Christ being born on December 25th in any version OF THE HOLY BIBLE!!

    Jesus Christ was born when new life comes forth. SPRING!!

    Jeremiah 10:2-4. Heathen Custom is in VAIN

  15. LLoyd Gordon says:

    I have been doing my very own due diligence in study, and using research methodology, but confess that all of the reportages that we call history appear to have been so adulterated, and manipulated, that upon unravelling them,although the threads of one quite often dovetail with the threads of another albeit in a convoluted way. there do appear to be clear disjunctures. My Quantum Organicultue Institute’s Initiatives in the Development of Terran Earth Human Civilization would meekly suggest that a Jamaica forum could do much to engage thinking of our Terran Earth Lillium Souls with a greater clarity that might actually help to advance us all to higher ground in consciousness, assuming that that is where we are ultimately destined to go.Those interested please link me at qoinst2@gmail.com. Blog threads may never quite capture the full story given the limitations on Time, and space, and assumptions as to attention spans of readers. My proposal for a global conference on the main bones of contention, e.g. historical accuracy of birthdates/other events, the virgin birth A.S.O. in a relaxed touristy and neutral theatre such as Jamaica could be the starting point for generating real credibility, and consequent acceptance in our exchanges on the subject.

  16. Antoinette Livingston says:

    I thank you for the truth.

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