2 Responses to Religions

  1. Peace….I am so humbled by the knowledge that I have recently acquired about the our Ancestry, Spiritual and Cultural! My Daughter and her Husbandman, very recently have converted to the Judaism, and have ripped torn the entire Family with the true knowledge of the Most High! Si we are now seeking a closer walk and I am just so happy about it all.

    Now I have this most worthy Blog of yours—and I must tell that it is impressive, the way you have put it all together! There is so much here to for me to discover, and the path that you have is very easy to follow. I will celebrating with Family as we honor the Feast of Dedication…it will be my first period that will mark the beginning of my Spiritual Journey in this Walk!

    In Solidarity We Stand,

    Sistah Zalikia Siti Bey

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